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Sticks! (Takacha Grill and Eatery)

On the way back to our hotel at El Nido Coco Resort from Republica Sunset Bar, we came across a street food vendor selling freshly grilled skewers. I pointed it to Viktor and exclaimed, “Look babe, Sticks!!” From then on, we called the place “Sticks” as they didn’t have a proper signage at all. Their best sign was the glowing red coals, fragrant smoke and piles of ‘sticks with meat’ covered with a sheet of plastic, ready to be cooked upon order.

Located next to a liquor shop, and opposite a local supermarket, it was convenient for us to do a bit of shopping, while waiting for our grilled skewers to be ready. Priced at just P10 for each of the pork sticks, it was popular among the locals who stopped on their tracks to pick out a few sticks for themselves too.

We selected a few sticks of the marinated pork, as well as the BBQ chicken thigh (P150) and BBQ squid (P200) to take back to the hotel. Each order came with steamed white rice and a simple tomato and onion salad to cleanse the palate and cut through the fat. The meat was nicely grilled, with a distinct charred, smokey fragrance and sweet marinade flavour. We had to come back again the next day as it was really delicious, and the staff was so warm and friendly!


Before we took our leave, we asked the staff for the real name of the place, and she said “Takacha Grill and Eatery”. You won’t find it on TripAdvisor and it’s a shame that we didn’t get the exact address of the place (we’ve put in an estimate address below), but you wouldn’t miss it if you walk along the roadside between Corong-Corong Beach and the Four Seasons Beach resort, as it is the only one that displays their cooking out in the open.

We would really recommend for people to give it a try, and after all, who can resist freshly grilled meat on sticks especially after a few beers and cocktails?

Sticks (Takacha Grill & BBQ

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Sticks! (Takacha Grill and Eatery)

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