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Sunset Dining at Bella Vita

We had just checked in at Coco Beach Resort and thought it would be good to stretch our legs a bit and check out the Corong Corong Beach. Since it was approaching lunch time, we were starting to feel quite hungry. When the scent of freshly baked pizza started to linger around the beach, it was too hard to say no to a bite of that. After many days with local food, it was nice to finally dig in to some comfort food again!

Bella Vita is situated along Corong Corong Beach, south of El Nido town. It’s a narrow beach during the high tide and offers a long shallow walk out in the water before it gets deep enough for swimming. Due to that, the beach hosts a lot of “bangka, the local outrigger fishing boats. The sand isn’t quite as nice as the Merimeg-meg beach, but is still worthwhile for a lunch excursion.

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Exploring the Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfall and Nacpan Beach

The Nagkalit-Kalit waterfall and Nacpan beach is a perfect day activity in El Nido when the weather is unstable enough that you don’t think a tour among the islands will be nice. Perfect mix of activity and relaxing!

Pristine Beach – an accidental beach discovered!

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Nagtabon, there and back

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The Underground River experience

Hailed as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, the Underground River is alongside the majestic Amazon rainforest, a must-visit if you have travelled all the way to this part of the Philippines.

The view of the sunset

The scenic view is the thing that will have you asking yourself, “Do I really need to go back to home and work?”. It is simply extraordinary. It would have been even better without all the bangka there, but that can be easily forgiven.


The bay introduces you to the glimpse of the islands just outside of El Nido. It also gives you a nice view over Merimeg-meg beach where Las Cabanas is. While they say that the sunset view from Las Cabanas is among the best in the world, we were very happy with the one offered by Corong Corong beach.


As we were devouring the pizza and slowly sipping away on the icy cold beer, we decided to come back around 6pm so that we could catch the sunset. And we didn’t leave disappointed! The clouds were like small cotton balls hanging about in the sky, and with the rays of sun backlighting them, it created some stunning photos. Below is a short timelapse of the sunset we saw and fell in love with.

The food and service

As we were not too hungry, we ordered the large 12″ Oli’s Pizza (P440), a bacon and ham pizza with tomato sauce base to share, with a couple of San Miguels. The beers were served quickly and very cold, by the friendly waitress there.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, our pizza was served. Freshly made to order, the thin crust pizza was baked perfectly. The mozzarella cheese melted so beautifully as we each tore a slice apart to savor. Nothing like a piping hot pizza for an indulgent meal! It definitely met our expectations, though Viktor wished that they would use a little less tomato sauce for the base. Aside from pizzas, the restaurant also serves a selection of appetizers and pasta.

Our recommendation

Overall, it was a great meal priced reasonably, and served with a smile. We would not hesitate to recommend this casual Italian restaurant for anyone who is staying at the resorts near Corong-Corong beach for a meal (including breakfast!!).

The great food, together with the stunning view and serene suroundings, wrapped up our evening nicely.

It was a real struggle each time we had to leave Bella Vita and next time we end up around El Nido, we will come and visit again.

  • Atmosphere
  • Food
  • Service

Bella Vita El Nido

Corong Corong Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
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Exploring the Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfall and Nacpan Beach

The Nagkalit-Kalit waterfall and Nacpan beach is a perfect day activity in El Nido when the weather is unstable enough that you don’t think a tour among the islands will be nice. Perfect mix of activity and relaxing!

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