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16 Things to do 2D1N in Penang! (Part 2)

Penang is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. An island in Malaysia known as a foodie paradise and its rich Chinese heritage, “the Pearl of the Orient” also boasts a number of magnificent temples, beaches and attractions to be explored. In late April 2017, we visited Penang for a spontaneous trip, and had a blast! Here are the 16 things we did over 2D1N in Penang.

Every once in a while, our dreams about travel become quick get-aways. Our Penang trip was one of those trips. It started off with us day dreaming about different destinations, which quickly turned into a reality. The leap from us daydreaming about it to sitting in a bus towards Penang was less than 12 hours. 

Both of us got really excited about the trip, because neither of us had been to Penang before and we heard fun stories from friends and family that had been there. We took the time in the bus planning out what to do, and it helped pass the 12-hour journey just nice. 

Why didn’t we fly? The price for the flights were astronomical and it just wasn’t worth the money due to the public holidays. And the next best thing after a flight is the buses, unfortunately…

Penang, Georgetown

Start the day with a nourishing breakfast ->

Start the day with a nourishing breakfast

Nothing like a good spread of food for breakfast when on vacation. Aside from the usual fruits and yogurt, we also sampled some local delights like dimsums, char kway teow, and nasi lemak!

Work out at the hotel gym to burn off (some!) of the delicious calories! ->

Work out at the hotel gym to burn off (some!) of the delicious calories!

Missing a workout wasn’t an option, since we wanted to eat as much as we can, with absolute minimum guilt! Luckily for us, the hotel gym was very well-equipped, so we did a few reps of squats, bicep curls, lunges and crunches, and got an hour of work out in, before breakfast!

<- Explore Batu Feringghi beach!

Explore Batu Feringghi beach!

The Grab app made it easy for us to go around with no worries of being ripped off by unethical taxi drivers, which is sadly common in Malaysia. The journey took us about 25 minutes from our hotel, for RM 27. We spent the day walking by the beach, feeling the sun shining upon us.

Unlike the beaches in Palawan, there were many water sport activities such as banana boats, paragliding, jet skis etc, with limited space for swimming. The water was average in terms of cleanliness, but we read that the water was teeming with jellyfish so we didn’t go in for a swim. The beach and its surrounding reminded us a lot of Phuket, with a few souvenir shops, massage centers and restaurants catering to the foreign visitors.

<- Cool down and grab a snack at Bora Bora Beach Bar

Cool down and grab a snack at Bora Bora Beach Bar

As the weather was scorching hot, we sought for a shaded spot at Bora Bora Beach bar. Corona and a margarita on the rocks is always a good idea for a weather like this. We also had a plate of cheesy potato wedges and calamari fritti to fill up our peckish stomachs. With reggae music playing in the background, this was the ultimate chilling spot, as highly recommended by our friendly Grab driver, too!

Late afternoon coffee and pastries at Black Kettle ->

Late afternoon coffee and pastries at Black Kettle

We managed to Grab all the way back to Georgetown for RM 17, since Grab was running a promotion. Not only that, Black Kettle offers free coffee/latte for a minimum spend of RM30, if you use Grabcar to get to their cafe! We really liked their French cheesecake, and their almond croissant. A must-go, if you love cafe-hopping like we do.

1st Avenue Mall

<- Shop at 1 Avenue Mall!

Shop at 1 Avenue Mall!

Viktor was satisfied with his loot of 4 work shirts for a total of RM 150. You can hardly find a deal like that in Singapore! There is also an H&M outlet in the mall too. So put on your most comfortable pair of shoes and get down to shopping!

1st Avenue Mall

Street food dinner at Carnavon Street! ->

Deliciously prepared on the spot, we had Char Kway Teow, Wanton noodles, and Assam Laksa for dinner. All that delicious food, washed down with fresh lime juice. We were so lucky to get a table and had our meal, just before the rain came down! Be alert, and see if you can spot for a space for you to grab a quick dinner here! Sharing table is to be expected so put on that smile, and enjoy this culinary experience with the locals and tourists alike!

Delicious burgers at Two Buns! ->

After dinner at Carnavon Street, we took a stroll to let our dinner be digested. However, we stumbled upon an industrial-looking hipster burger joint, Two Buns. Since we had about an hour left to spend in Penang before our long bus ride home… why not?

We ordered for the Classic Beef Burger, Popcorn Chicken, and Fries with Tiger beer for just RM 40. We loved their food!! The beef patty was nicely cooked and juicy, while the popcorn chicken was marinated with herbs and fried to perfection. We couldn’t finish the meal since we were running out of time to catch our overnight coach home, so we packed up the leftovers. We really recommend Two Buns for burger lovers to check them out! They have been gathering rave reviews on TripAdvisor too.

The first 8 things to do

In just a short time of 2D1N (or 26 hours to be exact!), we managed to cover quite a few activities and still had a blast! We love the architecture, culture, the delicious food, and the cool scenes and cafes found all around the island. We wish that we could stay for one more night, but it gives us an incentive to visit Penang again.

We will definitely be back! After all, it’s just a bus ride away from Singapore…

16 Things to do 2D1N in Penang! (Part 2)

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