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Stories From Life

New stories are born and concluded every single day. Sometimes you get lucky, and manage to capture these special moments, giving the outside world a glimpse of the evolving story.

Follow us as we share more about the sights that we come across, the people we meet and the places we visit, captured, one life story at a time…

Travel stories inspire us

16 Things to do 2D1N in Penang! (Part 2)

Do you know what to do in Penang in 2D1N? We didn’t either! That’s why we scribbled down a few different options. Read to find out more!

16 Ways We Spent 2D1N in Penang! (Part 1)

Have you been to Penang? No? Then it’s time to go! It’s a fantastic island for a cultural get away, filled with street food, art and good times!

Exploring the Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfall and Nacpan Beach

The Nagkalit-Kalit waterfall and Nacpan beach is a perfect day activity in El Nido when the weather is unstable enough that you don’t think a tour among the islands will be nice. Perfect mix of activity and relaxing!

Pristine Beach – an accidental beach discovered!

It was 10am, and we arrived on time at Puerto Princesa from Manila. What now? We explored Puerto Princesa and wound up on the Pristine Beach. A great place to spend a few hours to soak in the sun.

Nagtabon, there and back

Nagtabon, the beach that the locals of Puerto Princesa claim to be the best. Read our story on how we got there, what to expect and get a glimpse of what it looks like when you are almost the only ones there

Food is always on our minds

Sticks! (Takacha Grill and Eatery)

When you have been out for a nice meal, enjoyed good music and probably a drink or 3 too much, you feel a bit peckish. You feel for a bit more to eat would be great. Sticks (Takacha Grill & Eatery) is just the place you are looking for.

Dinner at KaLui Restaurant

Ka Lui is listed as the highest rated and most reviewed restaurant in Puerto Princesa. Hailed as one of the most popular restaurants in this part of town, our travel to Palawan would not have been complete without having a meal here!

Catching the Sunset at Bella Vita

Where do you go for a delicious pizza, great white beach, and a stunningly beautiful sunset? Bella Vita in El Nido of course!

A hidden beach dinner

What do you do in Puerto Princesa when you have a few hours over and want to relax at a chill place? Blue Palawan Beach Club is a great place, not too far from the airport that offers all you need.

A night at Badjao Seafront Restaurant

Where to eat in Puerto Princesa? We wondered too. We sampled some of the most recommended places from TripAdvisor – which brought us to Badjao Seafront restaurant

Food is always on our minds

Nature is where we always return

Streets of El Nido

Do you want to know a bit more what El Nido looks like before going there? Read and see our images from the town and get a sneak peek of what to expect

5 stunning beaches in Palawan

Here are our top 5 Palawan beaches that we believe are very well worth a visit if you happen to be nearby and feel an hour or 5 on the beach would be just right

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